Medical Face Shields to keep water droplets and spray away from your face.

Face shields are very necessary and needed during the current COVID19 pandemic.  That sourcing a new supplier to access this much needed piece of PPE, as our current supplier Bolle Australia has run out, was a priority for Safety Glasses Online.

We have been so inspired by some local businesses, that have coupled with medical staff at local Hospitals to come up with a face shield that can be attached to a head band that is printed on a CNC machine or a 3D printer.  The shields themselves are readily available at Officeworks as they have repurposed the front protective shield to folders.  How clever is that?

This enables you to choose wether to repeatedly clean the shield or just replace it regularly.  The shield themselves are exceptionally easy to clean.

The face shields are sold as a kit and are incredibly easy to put together.  They are available in two different styles, a basic or a premium version.  The difference is the complexity of the headband.

The basic version has the face shield sitting closer to your face.  The premium version has a larger gap between your face and the shield.  Which enables you to fit your spectacles, or safety glasses under the face shield.

Both designs are light weight and comfortable to wear.  We are able to access as many of these face shields that are needed with a five day turn around.

So, Medical Centres, Paramedics, Nursing Homes and Retirement Villages, just to name a few of the industries that can benefit from having face shields.  They are now available and ready to order.

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