Face shields for protection against COVID19.

I have collected our first order of face shields, they were locally manufactured in Brisbane, Queensland.  I thought I should explain a bit more about them and the reasons that I am very excited.

The 200 face shields that I have collected from Brisbane, were designed to protect you from spray and water droplets touching your face.  Though another benefit involves the decrease in the likelihood of you touching your own face.

Face shields are incredibly important at the moment for protection against transmission of COVID19.  Which we know is transmitted by water droplets and by touching a contaminated surface then touching your face.

We have been advised that we need to cover our eyes, nose and mouth to be protected.  A face shield is effective protection against COVID19.

Unlike face masks, face shields are reusable.  The face shield is easily cleaned or even replaced.  As the shield is a page protector.  Readily available from Officeworks, or stationary store.  The head band that the face shield is attached to is made of plastic and is easily disinfected and reused.

Unlike our medium impact face shields that are necessary on the job sites, these face shields are not expensive.  They have been created to provide protection for the wearer against the Corona Virus.

These face shields were designed to be worn in hospitals and for people providing front line care to patients, that may have  Corona virus.  This is not there exclusive purpose, they are also helpful to protect people working in nursing homes, retirement villages, parks, insurance assessors and anyone who wishes to have an extra layer of protection and safety.

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