Eyres Inside-Outside lens and other home improvement tasks.

My weekend consisted of cleaning the external of the house ready for painting as we start the pre-Christmas spruce up.  I thought I would give the Eyres Terminator 102’s a go with the indoor/outdoor lenses as customers rave about them.

I have to say that the increase contrast brought about by the lens was very handy in the grey and glary conditions.  I was very happy to be wearing safety glasses when the bugs including spiders started falling off the sufeet along with the spider webs, dirt and mud wasp nests.

The lenses increased contrast and clarity and worked well both inside and outside the house.  Being very glare sensitive I did prefer my polarized grey lenses in the middle of the day.

The next task performed this weekend was the mowing both push and ride-on mower.  The Eyres Terminator safety glasses worked well for this task as well, I did wonder if I should have considered wearing either a full face shield or goggles when the dust and grass was swirling around as it can get under the safety glasses.   The goggles thought also occurred while cleaning the house – that and the need for windscreen wipers.

When pressure washing  the driveway there seemed to be heaps of spray back, as I ended up looking like I had a nasty case of dirt chicken pox.  The Safety specs were completely splatted but no debris managed to pass behind the safety specs.

All in all the Eyres inside/outside lens was really handy and the Terminator style frame was comfortable to wear.   It was lightweight and had loads of flex in the frame.  It even had rubberized nose pads.  For an all round pair of safety glasses this wasn’t a bad option and for the price it is certainly good value.

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