Eyres 950Rx Semi-rimless Gullwing prescription safety glasses

Who wants their glasses to feel like they aren’t wearing them? I know that all of my patients love lightweight comfortable glasses.  I also know that with safety glasses uninterrupted peripheral vision can be incredibly important and even prevent injuries.  The Eyre’s 950Rx Gullwing semi-rimless prescription safety frame has huge wrap-around lenses and a frame at the top of the lens.  Allowing the wearer to have an unobstructed view.


As the lenses are so large, they are only suitable for prescriptions under 2 dioptres with low cylinder corrections.  They are also only available to be fitted with either single vision or progressive lenses.  Bifocal lenses are not an option available for this frame choice.


The 950Rx semi-rimless Gullwing prescription safety frame is medium impact certified.  It is perfect for both sporting and working eye protection.  You can walk off the job site and be ready for cricket, mountain biking, cycling, or hiking just to name a few options.  While knowing your vision is safe.


They are lightweight and comfortable to wear.  The nose pads are adjustable and replaceable.   The temples fit comfortably over your ears and wrap close to your head.  They would make excellent sunglasses by choosing either the polarised or transition lens options.


Why would you settle for the standard styles of safety glasses when you can have both stylish and exceptional peripheral vision in one pair of safety glasses?  The Eyres 950Rx semi-rimless checks both of those boxes.  Please note that these certified medium impact prescription safety glasses take some time to be made as the lenses are very special.  So please allow for a production time of approximately 4 weeks.


Order your new medium impact safety glasses online today!


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