Eyres have brought out a new product that is really exciting.  It is charmingly called Eyres Iceberg and is model number 747.  The reason that I am so excited is that it is the first polarised floating medium impact pair of safety sunglasses on the market.

Which means that for all of you boaties or surfers, or fisherman, this is the frame that you have been waiting for.  It is black and red with wrap-around grey polarised lenses.  Making it both stylish and comfortable to wear.  The red rubber located on the back of the frame helps keep the frame out a little from the face, so that they won’t fog up.  The rubber would also help absorb any impact energy from anything hitting the frame or the lenses.  Which means that the object wouldn’t be hitting your eyes and transferring the energy in there.

They would make the best Christmas or birthday present, even to yourself.  Order your new Eyres 747 Iceberg online today.