Eyres 122 Salvation frames have been discontinued

The Eyres 122 Salvation frame is being discontinued and stock levels are quite low for certain styles.  So for those of you that wish to stock up before they are no longer available get your orders in now.  Those who wanted an inexpensive pair of prescription safety glasses have loved the Eyres Salvation frame.  Due to the fact that they could get their prescription fitted into the insert behind the lens, with normal lens material and not safety lens material.  They could also replace the frame in front of their prescription lens cheaply when it got scratched.


The safety frame itself has a large wrap around lens and is available in various lens tints ranging from clear, light grey and grey with the anti-reflective.  The dark grey has run out.


So customers that either have these frames or would like to try them before they are no longer available I would advise getting your orders in quickly.


Order your Eyres 122 Salvation frame/insert before they are no longer available.

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