Eyres 102 Terminator

Are the Eyres Terminator 102 safety glasses one of the most versatile styles of safety glasses around?  This light and comfortable wrap-around pair of safety glasses if available in so many different lens options there is sure to be one to suit you. 


Starting with the standard lens options of Amber (which is yellow) that the truckers love for night driving.  There is a clear lens available in standard and anti-fog options.  Which is brilliant for working indoors or in low light conditions.


There is also a light brown lens also known as 50% weather tint which is light a twilight lens which is great for wearing when the sun is coming up or down as it enhances colours to make it easier to see.


Now for the welders there are 3 different lens options 2 are the shade 3 and 5 green welding lens and then another grey infra-red lens.


There are so many lens options and none of them expensive you really have no excuse for not wearing good safety glasses.  Order your new pair today!

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