Eye protection questions answered

Why eye protection is important?  Eye protection is important as it protects our vision from possibly permanent damage.  Though accident or injury, that can happen at work at home.

Why eye protection?  Eye protection versus sunglasses, why would you choose eye protection?  Standard sunglasses provide protection against damage from ultraviolet light.  But they do not have any regulation regarding lens thickness and rigidity.  Unlike safety glasses that provide eye protection, which is regulated and have been independently tested to provide protection against flying debris and impact injuries.

Why wear eye protection while shooting? Shooting is an activity that can cause eye injuries, by the impact of high-velocity debris hitting the eye.  If you wear eye protection such as safety glasses the chance of these injuries occurring is much less.

Why wear eye protection?  If you value your vision, then you should wear eye protection to protect it.  From eye injuries that could cause permanent damage to your vision.

Why is eye protection required? Eye protection is required in certain job situations when there is a high chance of eye injury.  Eye protection is also required to be able to get on certain job sites, such as construction, mining, or manufacturing.

When eye protection?  When should you wear eye protection?  Eye protection should be worn when there is a chance of eye injury or damage.

When should eye protection be worn in the lab?  Eye protection should be worn in the lab when you are working with biologicals, chemicals, or any time there is a chance of eye injury.

When is eye protection required? Eye protection is required for any jobs working with machinery, angle grinders, polishing wheels, when welding, working in construction, mining, medical or surgical fields.  Or any other situation that an eye injury is possible, like gardening or doing DIY for incidence.

Eye protection when riding a motorcycle is important not only to protect against flying insects but also to protect against UV damage.

When should you wear eye protection?  Eye protection should be worn at any time that you are performing a task or job that could result in an eye injury.  Such as using an angle grinder or welder.

Eye protection when plasma cutting?  It is important to protect your vision while plasma cutting, by wearing eye protection.

When eye protection?  It is important to wear eye protection when you perform jobs or tasks that could lead to eye damage.

Where is eye protection required?  Eye protection is required on construction sites, during manufacturing, for mining, working in laboratories, in hospitals, and medical centers.  Also, nursing homes, retirement villages, working with concrete metal, or even landscaping.

Is eye protection important?  Eye protection is critically important for protecting your vision.  Eye protection should be worn to perform any task that could lead to an eye injury.  Many worksites will have signage to indicate that eye protection is advised.  When you see such a sign please wear the appropriate eye protection, be it safety glasses, safety goggles, or face shields. Eye protection is also important to protect your eyes from ultraviolet light and the development of ocular cancers and cataracts.

What eye protection do you need for grinding?  At the very least medium impact safety glasses would be a good idea.  A face shield that is medium impact would provide better protection or even safety goggles, as grinding causes so many metal foreign bodies to have to be dug out of people’s corneas.  Should you happen to get a metal foreign body in your eye please visit your eye care professional within the first 24 hours as rust starts after that time and ruse ring will need to be removed along with the metal fragment.

Can you weld without eye protection? It isn’t advisable to weld without eye protection, you can end up with welding flash damage to your cornea.  This leads to incredible pain at about 3 am in the morning, as you’re corneal epithelium peels away.  Your cornea does heal but it will take a few days and it is painful until it is healed.

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