The prevention of accidental eye injuries was the basis for the formation of Safety Glasses Online. Our founder Emma is an Optometrist and believes that vision is a precious gift that deserves protection. After seeing the same eye injuries week after week she thought there had to be a solution.

Safety Glasses Online has been operating since 2013 and we provide education about the need for quality eye protection. There is still a large gap between the incidence of accidental eye injuries and where we aim for Australia to be.

Last week illustrated that we have not reached our goal in just one day. It was a Tuesday and 5 people with sore eyes presented this is a list of the injuries and damage observed. All of which could have been prevented by wearing eye protection.

Firstly, vegetative matter needed to be removed from a person’s eye. As he had been whipper-snipping without eye protection. He was in pain and had been for several days as the practice isn’t open on the weekend.

Secondly, there was a lady who had severe sunburn on her face including her eyes. This was another person in pain that could have been easily avoided.

Thirdly, a fellow had been working with metal and got some in his eye. Luckily it was easy to remove, and he came in the first 24 hours to avoid a rust ring needing to be removed.

Fourthly, a child presented with a sore eye. Further investigation discovered that she had been roughhousing with her siblings and one of them had inadvertently poked her in the eye causing an abrasion.

Lastly, a fellow had been playing golf on a windy day and something blew in his eye. He hasn’t been wearing sunglasses, something he regrated.

Luckily all of these injuries are fixable and the corneal will heal without any permeant damage. But it should be noted that not everyone is so lucky. Therefore if you are like us and believe that vision is precious – please protect it.