Does your work require you to wear certified safety glasses?


Do you currently need prescription glasses or contact lenses to see clearly?  If you answered yes to either of those questions then we can help.


You will be happy to know that our prescription safety glasses are all certified to Australian and New Zealand standards AS/NZ 1337.6 (and come with relevant documentation at no additional charge).  Also and this is the really good news, our listed prices include single vision prescription lenses (either polycarbonate or phoenix material) and shipping worldwide. What a bargain!


The range of prescription safety glasses available through us is huge and expanding all of the time.   Before you ask, no you can’t buy the frame separately and take it somewhere to have lenses fitted.  The safety laboratories that we use do not sell the frames without lenses already fitted.


If you don’t need prescription safety glasses, then you have a huge range to choose from with a cheaper price tag, so lucky you, enjoy it while you can.


These days’ safety glasses are available with anti-fog, contrast, ESP, anti-reflective and mirror coatings.  You can also have photochromatic/transition lenses (these are the lenses that change colour inside and outside – they go darker in sunlight).  These lenses are available for both prescription and the non-prescription safety glasses.


For the prescription lens wearers if you belong to a health fund then you will be happy to know that you can claim your new certified safety glasses with them.