People that must work indoors and outside know the inconvenience of having to carry two sets of safety glasses. They need a clear pair for inside and a tinted pair for outside. How many times have you forgotten or had the wrong pair? Which is invariable when accidents happen. Did you know that there is a simple solution?

Transition otherwise known as photochromatic lenses change from clear to tinted lenses with exposure to sunlight. This means that you could get away with only having to carry one pair of safety glasses. That you could leave on your head as they change as you move from inside to outdoors.

The way it works is that a transition lens is photochromatic. This means that the lens changes colour when they are exposed to sunlight, ultraviolet light specifically. Traditionally these lenses change from clear to grey colour (to look like a sunglass lens). It is also handy to know that a transition lens has 100% UV protection even when the lens is clear.

If you want to have your lenses change colour faster, then you need to add and anti-reflective coating so more light can penetrate the lens to change the colour faster.

For those who no longer wish to carry the extra sets of safety glasses around. Visit the prescription safety glasses ordering page and select the transition option while ordering.