Do you work in the Mining Industry?

If you do work in the mining industry, you have no doubt been told that you need to have positive sealed medium impact certified safety glasses.  Just in case you are wondering what those terms actually mean I thought I would explain.

Firstly, positive sealed safety glasses means; safety glasses that have a gasket either suck onto the frame or removable from the back of the frame.  That helps the safety glasses form a seal with your face, to help keep the dust and debri from falling behind the safety glasses and into your eyes.  A very popular example of this type of safety glasses is the Matador Mojo, which has a removable gasket that is also replaceable.  (We sell replacement gaskets in the accessory portion of the website, as they do wear out).

I should point out that positive sealed safety glasses are available in both prescription and standard non-prescription safety glasses.  An example of the standard safety glasses with the positive seal is the Uvex Pheos with the gasket.

Medium impact certified safety glasses have to conform to both Australian and New Zealand standards 1337.6 (for Prescription).  Both prescription and standard medium impact safety glasses have polycarbonate lenses.  

Occasionally the certified prescription safety glasses are able to be made in other types of high impact plastic called trivex, trilogy or phoenix.  They also have etching in the lenses to indicate that they are certified and there is also the SAI global licence with the Australian standard  melted into the side of the prescription safety glasses.  These safety glasses are also sent out with the relevant documentation, just in case you need to show your employer the documentation (for the prescription ones only).  The standard safety glasses have the documentation on the packet they come in.

A problem that occurs when the safety glasses are in a warm humid environment and have a seal is that they can fog up.  To help this from occurring you may wish to add an anti-fog coating from the drop down options.

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