Do you love water sports? What about eye safety on the water?

Do you love the water?  Being near it or playing in it?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are lucky to live in Australia.  Where we have amazing beaches running along much of our coastline, along with gorgeous creeks and rivers, not forgetting the lakes and dams.


Well, if you are like me and love the water and can think of nothing better than hitting the beach or going for a canoe in the creeks.  Then you need to think about what do you do for sun protection.  Be it a hat, sunscreen and maybe a long sleeved shirt.  Have you have got your eyes protected? 


Polarized sunglasses – that meet Australian standards are fantastic near the water, even better if they have wide temples to offer side protection from the sun.  Do you have decent side protection on your sunglasses from the sun?  The side protection is so important as skin cancers don’t miss eyelids and melanoma of the eye isn’t unheard of.


For those of you active people that love water sports – are you sick of the glare of the water burning your eyes and also tired of your glasses flying off your head when you are on your jet ski, boating or fishing?  We might have the answer – Eyres have a few models that are low impact safety that come with adjustable straps and polarized lens and frames that float.  Or if you aren’t in the need of a head strap – why not have the Eyres Titanic sunglasses – they are stylish polarized and also float.


You can even get some of these floating polarized safety sunglasses with prescription lenses.  But what about if you like swimming – you aren’t about to go swimming with your sunglasses!  We are also adding prescription swimming goggles for those of you that need a bit of help in the distance to get around safely.


A couple of the new model swimming goggles can actually be lensed at your local optometrist with your prescription.  Otherwise we will have options that range from +8.00 to -8.00 spherical powers.

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