Do you drive for a living?

Do you drive for a living?  Or live to drive?


If driving makes up a large portion of your day or you really enjoy it.  Do you think you have glasses/sunglasses that are best suited for it?  Are you able to read you GPS/phone and dashboard without changing glasses?  Do you have a problem with the oncoming headlights dazzling your eyes?  Or are the reflections off surfaces like the road in the middle of the day driving you to distraction?


If any of these questions resonated with you, then the information that follows is of particular interest to you.


Firstly if you are having difficulty seeing clearly, at both in the distance and up close without taking your glasses off.  Then you should think about upgrading your lenses to be progressive or bifocal – so that you are able to see more than one distance clearly with your glasses.


With respect to the oncoming headlights or even street lighting, an anti-reflective coating will be your best friend.  You need to have this coating added on your lenses when they are created (as it can’t be added later).  The way these coatings work involves bending the light that we don’t need to see away.  So the portion of the spectrum that we don’t use gets reflected away.  Making the lenses so much clearer to look through.  This is the coating that the newsreaders have on their lenses so you can see their eyes, not their lenses.


If reflected glare is driving you up the wall, then you need to consider getting polarised sunglass lenses.  Polarised lenses have been around for years and they are well known to people who love being out on the water as they enable you to see into the water, by reflecting the light away. Polarised lenses reflect light that is off axis so thereby removing the glare from the roads, windscreens and water.


It may be a combination of the above that will be the answer for you.

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