Confused between Transition and Progressive lenses for your safety glasses?

What is the difference between transition and progressive lenses?  Now this is a common problem people get the name transition and progressive lenses confused.  Firstly they are not the same thing.  Now progressive/multifocal or even varifocal lenses are the name given to a specific type of lenses that create a graded change from a persons distance prescription in front of their eyes to their reading prescription near the bottom of the lens, with the intermediate prescription in-between the two.  This type of lens has no lines on the front to delineate the different prescriptions (unlike bifocal or trifocal lenses) and once a wearer is used to the design, they are very convenient to wear.


Now, Transition is a brand of photo-chromatic lens.  This type of lens changes colour from clear with exposure to ultra-violet (UV) light out in the sunlight to a shade of grey (more like sunglasses).  There are different types of photo-chromatic lenses available and we can not use Transition brand for all of the prescription safety glasses as their lens may be too wrapped (curved) or large.  In these instances we have indicated that we can obtain a photo chromatic lens but it isn’t the standard Transition (clear to tinted grey).  For example it may start with a light brown and go to a darker brown or grey as available.


Just in case you are wondering, you can order both Transition and progressive lenses at the same time – in the same lens.


Hopefully this information has cleared up the confusion and you can have more confidence placing your prescription safety glasses order.  If you have any concerns then you can always contact us via email or phone 1300 998 061

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