Cleaning your safety glasses – What to do?

Eyres cleaning and anti-fog sprayHow do you clean your safety glasses?  I have seen many people use their shirt, a dirty rag lying around or a tissue.  I had to wonder if there was a better way?


Well with a little research into the types of lens material use to create safety glass lenses and frames I have come up with a couple of recommendations.


Firstly if you have dust or dirt on the glasses it is best to rinse them off under clean flowing water.  In some cases you may require the use of a soft toothbrush while holding the glasses under running water.


Once the debri is cleaned off the glasses, it is best to use a lens spray with detergent. You spray this on the lenses and then use a clean microfiber cloth to polish the lenses.  The microfiber cloths can generally be washed in the washing machine, so it is easy to keep this cloth clean.  We do supply a cleaning cloth with all of our prescription safety glasses.  Alternatively we do have cloths for sale, so you could always have a spare on hand.


It is very important to remember not to use any solvents to clean the lenses of your safety glasses.  Polycarbonate is the type of plastic used to create most of the safety lenses and this material reacts with certain solvents causing it go opaque.  Which is definitely not what you need with your safety glasses.


It is also worth noting that we do sell an Eyres cleaning and anti-fog spray, that is useful for keeping your safety glasses sparkling.

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