Choosing eye protection for the dental industry.

Now everyone goes to the dentist at some stage, hopefully regularly. My dentist wears a loop magnifier and his dental nurse wears standard clear safety glasses. While as a patient I wore the Bolle Phantom safety glasses with grey tinted lenses.  To protect my eyes against the very strong light used.

Now my previous dentist wore his spectacles. The problem with this and wearing loops, is the flying debris (bits of plaque and teeth) and the lack of eye protection that your ordinary eye glasses provide. For very smart professionals I wonder why more dentists aren’t wearing prescription safety glasses.

Speaking to a dentist with many years in the profession he was frustrated with his level of vision. So much so that he was talking of retiring, not because he wanted too just because he wasn’t able to see as well as he used to. Putting him in a pair of occupational progressive lenses made him a very happy dentist, with no more talk of retiring.

At safety glasses online we can provide safety glasses for your staff, your patients and your self.

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