Certified Prescription Safety Glasses Pricing.

Prescription safety glasses pricing

Our company gets at least one enquiry a day asking about certified prescription safety glasses pricing.  We have tried to keep our pricing very simple and inexpensive.  The price listed on the page with the picture of the frame, includes single vision prescription medium impact lenses, the safety frame, safety certification and shipping.

Therefore if you only require single vision clear lenses, with no extra coatings.  Then the listed price is all you will pay.  Our prescription safety glasses start from $169 complete with clear single vision prescription lenses, certification and including shipping.

The only time that there is an increase in the listed price, occurs when you require bifocal or progressive lenses.  Or you would like the lenses to have a special coating like mirror or anti-fog added.  Or if you want the lenses to be photo-chromatic, tinted or polarised, instead of clear.

Hopefully this has clarified the pricing structure for you.  Safety Glasses Online’s goal was to create a large selection of certified medium impact safety glasses for a reasonable price, enabling everyone to have comfortable, stylish, safety glasses that they can see clearly through.

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