Do you love getting out for a walk or a run in the morning? If so, have you had to start in the dark due to the lack of time in the mornings? The reason I ask is that I walk our aging Labradors every morning and while it is easy in summer to get up in daylight and get the exercise you need. As we get closer to winter it is dark much later in the mornings, so many of us are finding it is harder to get out of bed. My dogs love their walk, so much so that they are even happy to go for a walk in the dark of the early morning. This morning was pushing the friendship just a little as it was both raining and dark. The Labrador’s enthusiasm dropped off after the first 500m (which is most unusual). The point of the article was to share a discovery that I made during these early morning forays into the dark. As we only have limited streetlights in our neighborhood, I need to wear a head torch to see where we are going (so as not to fall into any holes). By putting a light above my eyes, I am inviting every bug in the vicinity to fly into my eyes. This took much of the enjoyment of me getting outside to do some exercise away. What I have found is that by wearing clear wrap-around safety glasses I can walk in the dark of the early morning bug-free. Which makes the walk so much more pleasant and me much more likely to do it. The clear safety glasses eye protection would also work for cyclists, runners, and people hiking in poor light. As I have recently taken up hiking again, I can attest that trying to read in your tent by the head torch is fraught with bugs to the eyes. So this would be another incidence that would benefit from having a barrier between your eyes and the insects. As I am also an Optometrist, I have had to remove bugs from my eyes and see the damage caused by bugs to the eye. So much so that I would highly recommend anything that can keep insects out of your eyes. Prevention of these situations is easy by wearing simple clear safety glasses. The only improvement I will be making to my current safety glasses situation is to change my Bolle Silex clear lens to the ESP option so that the contrast is enhanced

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I don’t know about you - but I am finding that the year is flying by.  I can’t believe we


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