Caring for your safety glasses.

Now that you have your safety glasses how do you look after them? Because looking after them will mean that they will last longer and be clearer to look out of, without scratches.


Firstly if your safety glasses don’t come with a case then it is a good idea to either get one or find something to go around them to protect them.  For example a clean sock is better than nothing.


Next what do you do when you get dirt/dust or grim on the lenses?  Your first reaction will most likely to be using your shirt or a rag that has been lying around.  The problem with either of these options is that your shirt will most likely have dust and so forth on it that you have on your glasses and you will end up scratching the lenses.


A better option it to wash them under running water to remove the dirt and dust before cleaning them with a lens spray and a cloth.  Alternatively if a tap isn’t handy then one of the pre-moistened towelettes from either Bolle or Uvex is a really good option.  These towelettes are only small and are individually wrapped so they can be stashed all over the place including your tool box so that they are ready when you need them.


Alternatively Uvex has a lens cleaning station that you can attach on the wall really for when your glasses need a good clean.  This system has the lens spray and the lens wipes available and this system is also refillable.

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