Can I order Transition Safety Glasses?

Yes you most certainly can.

Certainly, you can order transition with your certified prescription safety glasses.  You can choose to have transition/photo-chromatic with single vision, bifocal or progressive lenses.

When you are ordering your safety glasses choose transition from the lens extras.

Transition or photo-chromatic lenses are the ability for the lenses to change colour when they are exposed to UV light.  So when you are out in the sun they go dark like a sunglass lens.  Once the UV light is removed by for example going inside a building they go back to clear.  These lenses always have 100% UV protection regardless of whether they are dark or clear.  It should be noted that they do not change colour very much within a car as most cars have a UV shield in the windscreen.

The newer generation Transition lenses are better than the older designs, the new ones have been manufactured for warmer climates.  They change colour quicker and do go slightly darker in the car than they previously did.

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