Can I order Polarised Safety Glasses?

Yes, you can.

You can certainly order polarized prescription safety glasses in single vision, bifocal or progressive/multifocal lens types.  Please bear in mind that polarized lenses are tinted like sunglasses all of the time.  Polarised lenses also have 100% UV protection all of the time.

The benefits of having polarized lenses over standard tint and UV sunglasses include decreased glare.  Polarised lenses remove reflected glare so you can see into water and situations that are highly reflective such as snow, sand and water are easier to bear.

Customers have also commented on the ability to wear polarized lenses earlier in the day, until later in the day than normal sunglasses.  Though it should be noted that some LCD screens cannot be viewed with polarized lenses and occasionally you can see a rainbow in mirrored windows.

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