Bolle Contrast Lens Coating

Last week we covered the Bolle ESP lens coating.  Supplimentary to that I thought we should explain how the Bolle contrast lens coating works and why you should consider it for your next safety glasses.  The Bolle Contrast lens coating is a revolutionary coating system, this gradient lens offers improved long-term eye comfort.

Designed to filter more than 30% of Blue light, which is a factor in eye fatigue and headaches. Offering excellent colour recognition while improving depth perception and contrast.  This lens was developed for indoor use.

IMPROVED ACCURACY: Preserves colour recognition while improving your perception of depth and contrast.

HIGHER PROTECTION: Provides protection from impact and a barrier to light pollution (from sources such as neon and halogen lights).


LESS FATIGUE: Filters more than 30% of blue light which is a factor in headaches and visual fatigue (neon lights, computer screens etc…).


LESS EFFORT: Eliminates overheating of the cornea, a source of conjunctivitis, thanks to our unique UV absorbers and flash treatment.


GREATER COMFOR: May assist in reversing the aging process in the crystalline lens, a source of cataracts, thanks to its unique heat reflection treatment.


This coating is found on the Axis 2, Rush Plus and IRI-S safety glasses.

This information is adapted from the Bolle website.


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