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Claim your prescription safety glasses before the end of the year.

The old adage of use it or lose it applies to many situations.  It is particularly relevant with respect to health funds and the end of the calendar year.  If you have extras cover in your health fund and haven’t claimed a pair of prescription...

2014-11-10 14:04:04

Australian Standards for Eye Protectors

AS/ NZS 1337.6 Prescription Safety eyewear sets down the principles that prescription eye protectors must provide against low or medium impact as set out in AS/NZS 2228.1.   The four critical elements in compliant prescription eyewear....

2014-11-03 14:38:01

Preventing Eye Injury at Home

Over 1100 work-related eye injuries were recorded between 2006 and 2009 by Safety Work Australia.  This figure does not include eye injuries that happen at home or outside the work place.  It is well know that a very high percentage of eye...

2014-10-27 13:44:59

Uvex Safety Glasses

We are so excited to have Uvex safety glasses; we have had Uvex prescription safety glasses since we started.  But now we have added the non-prescription range to our selection.  Recently we added a large range of the non-prescription for your...

2014-10-22 18:16:45

Cheap Safety Glasses

We are all after a bargain these days and why not?  Jobs aren’t necessarily plentiful and we are watching our spending.  Protecting your eyes doesn’t mean that you have to spend a lot of money.  Even prescription safety glasses that are...

2014-10-14 08:35:46

Avoiding Eye Injuries

Eye injuries are much more common than we expect.  They can happen during daily activities such as cleaning the mould off a floor or ceiling, spraying bleach on some tough stains and discolored grout, or even mowing or whipper snipping the lawn....

2014-10-10 16:25:48

Multifocal safety glasses

Are you currently wearing multifocal or progressive lenses?  If so it is more than likely you will need the same type of lens for your certified prescription safety glasses.  You will be happy to know that having the progressive lenses doesn’t...

2014-10-02 07:37:31

Bifocal safety glasses

Why are Bifocal safety glasses a really useful option for prescription safety glasses?    Firstly Bifocal lenses are prescription lenses that have distance portion at the top of the lens and then a smaller area for reading or near work in...

2014-09-22 21:29:30

Transition Lenses for Safety Glasses

Transition otherwise known as photochromatic lenses are lenses that change colour when exposed to ultra-violet (UV) light.  Transition lenses are available in all of the prescription safety spectacles.  The choice of this lens type during the...

2014-09-03 10:31:26

Cleaning your safety glasses.

How do you clean your safety glasses?  I have seen many people use their shirt, a dirty rag lying around or a tissue.  I had to wonder if there was a better way?   Well with a little research into the types of lens material use to create...

2014-08-25 14:25:29

New Bolle and Uvex Safety Glasses

Safety Glasses Online is very excited to introduce our new non-prescription Bolle and Uvex ranges.  By adding these quality brands to Eyres and Matador we are provide a large range of choice for your safety glasses needs.  We will busy over the...

2014-08-13 11:19:06

Company branded safety glasses.

When I think about company branding I automatically think about Coca Cola’s the red and white logo.  So effective has their marketing been, that their logo is recognisable worldwide.  When I typed in definition of branding, this was the result:...

2014-08-08 06:29:41

Understanding your prescription when ordering Safety Glasses.

I know that optical prescriptions are very confusing things and it may seem overwhelming transcribing the details from yours onto the order form.   I thought if I explained what your prescription actually entails it might make it easier.  It...

2014-07-24 12:20:29

Reading Safety Glasses

The need for reading safety glasses, otherwise known as magnifying or bifocal safety glasses becomes more prominent as we turn 40. This is generally when we require a different prescription for reading, than we do for looking in the distance. It...

2014-06-27 15:28:51

Sports and eye safety

Protective eye gear may not be fashionable on the footy field or the squash court, but think for a moment about the logic of protecting our eyes.   We wear helmets to protect our heads and pads to protect our bones and joints, so why not...

2014-06-05 05:25:48

Safety Sunglasses

There is such an extensive range of safety glasses now available , so people no longer have to wear the metal double bridged aviator safety glasses with attached side shields – if they don’t want to.  They can have the more stylish wrap around...

2014-05-28 20:53:21

Cheap Safety Glasses

We are so excited that we have been able to discount our range of Eyres Non-prescription safety glasses, quite significantly in fact.  Due to our new pricing structure we are even more competitive and hope that you will wear your safety glasses...

2014-05-11 12:27:19

Safety Sunglasses - Why choose Polarised Sunglasses?

For people who spend time outside, they should consider the damage that sunlight/UV does to their eyes.  Wearing safety sunglasses both protects your eyes from UV exposure and any possible impact injuries that hit the glasses rather then your...

2014-04-03 22:41:41

Storage for your safety glasses.

Most commonly safety glasses are stored in their cases, left out on the bench, ready for there next task.  Or thrown in the tool box.  But what do you do if you loose the case? Well you can easily order a new one and we have various options...

2014-03-17 10:24:30

Eye Protectors and Injury Prevention – why do you need eye protectors?

Most eye injuries are preventable.  Eye injuries can result in vision loss, which can be permanent. Approximately 20-30%* of all workplace injuries are eye injuries.   Common injuries include: -Foreign bodies (metal, or organic...

2014-03-17 10:19:28

Bifocal Safety Glasses - Why you should consider Bifocal lenses.

Firstly, I should explain that a bifocal lens has a line to delineate the distance portion of the lens (which is the top bit) and the reading or near segment.  The beauty of a bifocal lens, is that it enables the Optometrist to choose two...

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2014-03-03 11:29:55

Multifocal/Progressive Safety Glasses - Are they the right choice for me?

Firstly to I should explain how a multi-focal lens differs from a single vision lens.  A single vision lens is commonly used for reading or distance glasses – a single vision lens has only one prescription, so it is designed for seeing only one...

2014-02-24 15:25:14

Magnetic Safety Glasses

Recently, I had a customer ask after magnetic safety glasses.  After clearing up the fact they won’t expecting the safety glasses themselves to be magnetic and rather have enough metal in the frame to be found by a magnet during a manufacturing...

2014-02-14 10:38:30