As a health practitioner what safety glasses do I need?

This is the question that we have been asked repeatedly over the last month (actually more like the last 2 years).  As the rules for personal protective equipment keep changing and the new ones come into play by the end of the year it makes sense to get your prescription safety glasses order in now.  It also has the added benefit of enabling you to use your optical benefit with your health fund if you haven’t already used it and let’s not forget to mention that you may be able to claim your eye protection against your tax.

So what do you need?  For the staff of COVID wards, you may wish to have a fully sealed pair of prescription safety glasses (such as the Onguard OG220FS which has a google seal with no vents for anything to get in contact with your eye or its surroundings).  Another option that has been incredibly popular in hospitals is the Onguard OG220S this model has a cushioned bar at the top of the frame and is available in a variety of colours and sizes.  It has proven to be lightweight and comfortable to wear during long shifts.

Other positively sealed options include the PSG Blaydz, PSG Storm, Matador Mojo, Matador Rio, Trifecta, Eyres 702 with foam and we could go on as there are so many options.  Just in case you don’t already know, positively sealed safety glasses, have a gasket at the back of the frame that acts as a cushion between the frame and your eye to create a seal.  The vast majority of these positively sealed safety glasses have venting (small holes) between the gasket at the cushion so that air can circulate to help prevent fogging.

As most of us have been wearing face masks for a while I am sure we all know about lenses fogging up.  Even if it was just your sunglasses – you know how debilitating it can be vision-wise if you can’t see through your lenses.  Fogging of your lenses in a hospital can be dangerous as you can’t touch your glasses to clean them without changing all of your PPE or leaving the room.  Also anytime that you touch your glasses the possibility of germ transfer increases.  So ideally you want to put the glasses on and leave them there.  The safety glasses need to be lightweight and comfortable so that long shifts can be completed with comfort.

Some doctors and nurses that are working in different situations have chosen just wrap-around style prescription safety frames.  Such as the Eyres 803 Foreman, the Winks, or Quantum frames as a start.  But there are so many options that we don’t want to overwhelm you by listing them here.

If you want to have prescription safety glasses that just look like normal glasses (they just happen to have attached clear side shields).  Then you might like the look of the Ugly Fish Twister or Whirlwind or the slightly smaller frame size of the Matador Harley which is available in lots of colors mixed with black on the frame front.  They are truly stylish pairs of safety glasses.

Should you need any help just contact us and we are happy to walk you through the process or place the order for you.

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