Are you seeing as clearly as you think you should be? If not, then it is time to do something about it.

Not having clear vision can affect your safety and your ability to perform your job efficiently.

Has your vision been affected by lenses that are scratched or has your prescription changed?

How long has it been since you have had your eyes tested?  As most Optometrists still bulk bill their consultations, in Australia, you have no excuse not to go and get your eyes tested.

Further benefits for having regularly eye tests include, peace of mind, and knowing that your vision is as good as it can be.  That your eye health has been checked and found to be healthy.

After you have your prescription checked and your Optometrist mentions that they have found a significant change, in your prescription, then you need to organise a new pair of prescription safety glasses.

Prescription safety glasses are different to standard glasses in that you can not just order new lenses, to be fitted in your old frame.  Due to the the certification process in Australia, which requires the frame and lenses to be tested that the same time.  Which means that all of the labs in Australia only warranty their own new frames.

Why use Safety Glasses Online over the other certified prescription safety glasses providers?  Our optical knowledge, personalised service, range, price and happy customers.  We are also Australian owned and operated.