It’s April and Easter is nearly upon us.  I don’t know about you but in 2022 while it has delivered a few kicks in the teeth in the form of COVID flare-ups and loads of flooding it seems to be moving right along.


So how is the year treating you?  We have had 2 lots of isolation as the children shared covid, though luckily, they seemed to only get mild cases.  We have learned to be even more flexible with respect to expectations around deliveries, response times, and production times.  Though frustrating these things are not in our control and we have determined that it is a waste of energy stressing about them.


How is 2022 treating you?  This year so far: We have helped medical staff decrease the PPE that they need to wear. They are improving their vision and comfort during their very long shifts day.  Updated a food manufacturing’s prescription safety glasses program, so that the staff has a more extensive tailored range of frames to choose from.


We have helped miners, construction workers, tradies, scientists, beauticians, farmers, and makeup artists just to name a few and for this, we are very grateful.  The purpose of Safety Glasses Online is to decrease the incidence of accidental eye injury and protect people’s eyes.  Because we care about your vision.


Therefore, it follows that our motto is ‘We believe that your vision is a precious gift that deserves protection’.  We really enjoy doing what we do and the stories we hear from customers can be heart-warming and reaffirm that we are on the right track to making a difference.


We are continually adding to a prescription and standard safety glasses range as new products become available.  This month sees the release of the Ugly Fish Siege which is a stylish metal prescription safety frame with attached side shields.  It has a slightly wrapped sporty appearance and is available in 2 colors.  These prescription safety glasses are made in Australia, like the vast majority of our range.  They will be suitable for most prescriptions and lens types, from single vision to bifocal and progressive lenses.


Being an Australian-owned and operated business means that we focus on supporting other small businesses and keeping our business in Australia.  So if you like supporting local rather than international chains then let us help protect your vision and visit the website now.