About Safety Glasses Online

At Safety Glasses Online we are committed to providing quality eye protection.

Our employees have over 16 years experience in the Optical Industry.  We are an Australian owned and operated company, focusing on your eye safety requirements.  We have experience in both dispensing glasses and Optometry facets of the industry so you can be assured that your prescription will be understood and your optical requirements met.  We even have a currently practicing Optometrist on staff.

Our safety glasses are sourced from Australian distributors and have certified prescription safety lenses fitted within Australia.  All of our medium impact safety glasses come certified to 1337.6 Australian Standards and have undergone rigorous testing through SAI global to assure compliance.  All prescription safety glasses come with the relevant safety certification

As eye health and safety is our goal a portion of each sale is donated to eye related charities.  Our current charities include the Fred Hollow Foundation, Optometry Giving Sight and the Macula Degeneration Foundation.