About Safety Glasses Online


Safety Glasses Online is an Australian company that has been supplying safety glasses since 2013.  It is the sister company of Only Specs which has been providing certified prescription safety glasses online since 2007.

We currently supply safety glasses to well known Asutralian companies and individuals.  We have an extensive range of brands available in both prescription and non-prescription safety glasses. We are constantly sourcing the best suppliers and product to have stock readily available.

What sets Safety Glasses Online apart from other optical suppliers in the industry.  The safety glasses range available is second to none. Safety Glasses Online prides itself in our years of experience in the optical industry and our quick response times to enquiries and orders, resulting in exceptional customer service.

Our company has currently practicing Optometrists on staff and over 16 years experience in the optical industry.  Our goal is to provide quality safety eyewear at at reasonable price and outstanding customer service.


We have an extensive range of brands, which include Bolle, Eyres, Matador, Uvex, Titmus, Cummings Optical and Ugly Fish.  We currently stock over 160 models of safety glasses.  Our large range allows us the variety of safety spectacles to service many diverse industry applications.

An example of a model of non-prescription safety glasses that could be of interest to the Food Industry includes the Eyres Active or the Bolle Extreme both of which contain enough metal to be found by magnets used within food processing.  Other non-prescription safety frames of interest  have anti-fog lenses, which may come in handy for employees regularly exposed to steam.


Our prescription safety glasses are all manufactured through Australian optical laboratories.  The non-prescription are also sourced from Australian suppliers.


All of our prescription safety glasses conform to Australian medium impact standards 1337.6 and come fully certified.  To meet this level of certification the product has to be tested by SAI global.


At Safety Glasses Online we use Australia Post with email tracking.  This allow customers to be informed of tracking information via email and be advised again when it is delivered.


Delivery times vary depending on the laboratory used and the lens type chosen.  For example a PSG product with single vision lenses can be completed in a week to 10 days while Eyres brand take around 3 weeks.  Bifocal and progressive lens types take longer to be manufactured than the single vision lenses.


We have 3 easy options for placing an order. Email, fax or phone.  We have a fax order form that we customize to the sample frames you choose.  Previous customers have emailed scanned copies of this form with the employees attached prescription.

Determining Pupil distance (PD) is made easy with the use of your smart phone. Take a selfie with a ruler or tape mesure above your eyes and we can work it out for you.

The next question that we are commonly asked is how to measure the fitting heights for bifocals and progressive/multifocal lenses.  This is where sample frames come in handy.


We supply a range of safety glasses samples to correspond to the selection that you have chosen.  These samples remain the property of Safety Glasses Online and need to be returned in the event of ceasing to use Safety Glasses Online to supply prescription safety glasses.


All of our certified safety glasses come with a years manufacturing warranty, also the SAI global certification against the safety glasses failing within the first year.  Further to this we also have a non-adaption warranty for both bifocal and progressive lenses.  If the employee is unable to adapt to the lenses within the first 3 months we will change them under warranty.


Our pricing is extremely competitive, due to the lower overheads incurred by an online business.   We also offer bulk discounts on both the prescription and the non-prescription safety glasses.


Lens types explained: as in the difference between a single vision lens, a bifocal and a progressive lens.

Single vision lenses have one prescription and are generally clear for one distance.  An example of this lens type would be reading glasses.

Bifocal lenses are lenses that allow you to have a distance portion at the top of the lens and a reading or near portion in the segment at the bottom of the lens.  The segment is generally shaped like a letter D on its side.

Multifocal/progressive lenses are a common lens type used after 40 years of age as it allows the wearer to have the distance prescription in front of their eyes and intermediate prescription (the prescription for computer distance) and then reading prescription all in the same lens without having lines on the glasses.

There are also different types of progressive lenses, such as occupational: these lenses only have clear vision for the computer distance and reading

Lens coatings:

Multi-coat/Anti-reflective coating: is a seven layer coating that refracts most of the visible light spectrum away from the lens, to make the lenses clearer to look through.

There are also mirror and anti-fog coatins available on certain safety frames.

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