If you are off to celebrate New Years at a venue or party, anywhere that champagne or a bottle of bubbles will be opened. You need to bear in mind that while you want to have a good time and you do not want have a permanent reminder, or a trip to the Accident and Emergency to start your New Year.

The cork of the champagne bottle fits perfectly into the eye socket. Which can easily lead to blow out fractures and retinal tears or detachments, the same sort of injuries that occur with a squash ball versus eye accident.

To be safe you need to wear eye protection and beware of ricochets, thinking of cause of everyone around the bottle that is being opened. It is also a good idea not to aim at the ceiling, unless you want to do repairs in the New Year.

The moral of this story is that if you want to have a Night to Remember, not a Lifetime. You need to be prepared and have eye protection on hand. You also need to be thoughtful as to what you are doing while opening your beverages.

Wishing you a very happy and safe New Years, from Everyone at Safety Glasses Online.